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Welcome to Sanatan Mandir, the oldest Hindu temple in Atlanta. Our temple prescribes to the Sanatan values of Bharat. As an integral part of the vibrant Hindu way of life in Metropolitan Atlanta, the Sanatan Mandir serves as a platform for discharging one's religious duties as prescribed by Hindu scriptures. It strives to strengthen cultural ties by encouraging the study of scriptures and literature and celebrating religious holy days and festivals. It aims to foster harmony and unity in the family and the community. It seeks to facilitate the material and spiritual progress of the devotee and bring inner peace.

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Nootan Sanatan Mandir Planning Meeting


We  are  at  a  very  critical  stage  in  the  building   of  our new  Sanatan  Mandir.  We  are  doing  our  Shilanyas  Mahotsav (ground  breaking) ceremony  on   August 29th  and  30th,  and  we  shall  see our  new  Mandir  going  up  soon thereafter.

We  have  raised  over  $500,000  and  lined  up  a  loan  of  another  $500,000  from  a  local  bank  for  the  construction  of  the  Mandir.  We  will  still  need  to  raise additional $400,000  to  $500,000  to  cover  total  cost  of  the  Mandir.

The  BOG  and  especially  I,  are  requesting  all  of  you,  to  attend  a special meeting on July 27 at 3.30 PM in the Mandir. We will be sharing the different ways to take part in the Shilnyas Mahotsav by volunteering. At the meeting, we will also answer any questions you may have, relating to the new Mandir. So please help us make this Shilanyas Mahotsav very successful by coming to this meeting. We have a unique opportunity to serve our culture and the Mandir.

The new Mandir will continue to serve the cultural, religious and spiritual values of our Hindu culture to our devotee community. It will also continue to be a place to celebrate our Hindu festivals like Diwali, Holi, Janmashtami,etc.  Once again, I request your presence at this meeting so that the Shilanyas Mahotsav can be planned and executed successfully and we can start with our new Mandir on a sound financial footing.

Thank  You.


Bhupen  Bivek


Sanatan  Mandir


Shrimad Bhagavat Katha

 The nava-nirman of the Sanatan mandir started auspiciously with a Srimad Bhagavad katha by Most Revered Swami Shree Adhyatmanandji. The week-long event started with the chanting of Narayanopanishad and a pothi Yatra from the existing temple to the Garbhagriha - the innermost sanctum of the new temple - where the Murtis (icons) of the deities will be residing. There was a spirit of joy, celebration and reverence as Swamiji recited mantras to bless the land where the new temple will be standing.

Swamiji commenced the Srimad Bhagavad katha by invoking AUM in his deep and rich voice which transported the devotees to a higher level of spirituality. After paying obeisance to Lord Ganesh and other deities, the narrators and the setting of the katha were recounted. Thus the audience entered the Katha.

From that moment onwards each moment of the katha brought the devotees variety of experiences. Sometimes the intellect was illuminated by the Light within. Sometimes the heart was full of spiritual bliss. Oftentimes Swamiji’s lightheartedness gave penetrating insight into the code of conduct prescribed by the Bhagavad. The devotees were also regaled by Swamiji’s hymns and joined him in kirtans. The most surprising element of the katha was Swamiji’s “Abhinav” talent – the ability to portray various emotions and events by facial and bodily expressions. This made the katha interactive and allowed the devotees to experience the various characters, events and salient features of the katha.

The katha was also infused with Swamiji’s patriotism and cultural pride. But on July 4, USA Swamiji also expressed good wishes for the host nation and said “We say Bhaarat Maataa and America Bhraataa”. India is our Motherland but US is our Brotherland”. The devotees responded with admiration.

Swamiji’s narration of Nrsimha avatar brought to life the Half man and Half lion manifestation of the Lord. The devotees were in awe. The birth of Lord Krishna was a festive occasion complete with Raas Garba.  Rukmini vivah on the fifth day was also complete with a wedding ceremony – including Mangal Fera - performed by Acharya Pramod Padhiji. The bride –Shree Rukminiji and the groom - Shree Krishna were even bestowed with gifts and sweets.

The last day of the katha gave insight into Lord Dattatreya’s various Gurus and the nine Yogeshwaras mentioned in the Bhagavad. The last moments were filled with pathos as Lord Krishna – the one who had captured the heart of all His devotees, one who fought against injustices, one who was fearless and courageous, one who was diplomatic and tactful, one who is the Awareness of the awareness , the Bliss of the Bliss, the Essence of the essence – leaves the earthly plain. The moment instructed the central message of the Bhagavad – the practice of Universal Love, Selfless Service and practicing higher values of life such as compassion, friendliness, piousness, simplicity and humbleness.

The katha concluded with a vote of thanks by Dr. Prakash Desai, Mr. Bipin Changela- Vice President, Sanatan Mandir. Mr.  Chandrabhushan (Chandler) and Mrs. Padmini Sharma honored the Swamiji with the customary shawl and Mr. Bhupen Bivek presented a basket of fruits. Mrs. Devyani Desai announced a relaunch of the Sanatan mandir website which will enable the devotees to donate, sponsor an event and volunteer for an event online.

An announcement for the Shilanyas ceremony- laying of the foundation stone – for the new Sanatan Mandir on Ganesh Chaturthi, August 29, 2014 was made by Dr. Prakash Desai bringing a round of applause.

Swamiji took the time to meet and bless all the volunteers who made the katha successful.


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